Our sponsors
As a society for the students of the University of Adelaide, we require sponsors to help run our larger events like the industry night and the AUMS quiz night. The following are our sponsors for 2024!
Gold Sponsors
Established in 2000, Jane Street is a global quantitative trading firm with 2,000+ employees across five offices. Trading in 45+ countries, they innovate in tech and thrive in navigating uncertainties with a focus on quantitative thinking. Their collaborative approach involves traders, researchers, and technologists working closely to build trading systems. Jane Street values ethical conduct, responsible risk management, intellectual humility, and collaboration over hierarchy. This culture has contributed to their success in providing liquidity even in the most challenging market conditions.
Silver Sponsors
Founded in 1989, IMC Trading is a global market maker with a focus on cutting-edge technology. Operating in 100+ trading venues, they reduce transaction costs with automated trading. As a technology-centric firm, IMC invests in talent and tools for enhanced productivity. Their risk and compliance framework ensures market resilience and regulatory adherence. Active in industry associations, IMC advocates for equal market access. With over 30 years of experience, they continue to innovate and expand into new markets.
Optiver, a leading proprietary trading firm, is dedicated to improving global financial markets. With 1,900+ employees across 9 offices worldwide, they specialize in market making for various financial products. Their rich history, consistent liquidity provision, and commitment to innovation make Optiver a cornerstone in the industry. Explore opportunities to work with Optiver in trading, technology, risk & control, data science, and business operations. Be part of their journey to shape the future of financial markets.
If you would like to get involved, please email us at sponsorships@aums.org.au