Need help revising for your exams?

Many students find completing past exams a valuable way to study. However, checking your working is not always easy.

We provide complete solutions to several years worth of past exams for the courses listed below. The solutions are sold during the last weeks of semester 1 and 2.

We try our best to make the solutions error free, but sometimes we make mistakes. We will put a full list of errors here as they are found (until they are corrected for the following semester). If you find any errors or require any other information, please let us know by contacting Should you be the first person with a correctly identified and clearly explained mistake which is not purely a transcribing or numerical error (the final decision rests in the hands of the committee), AUMS will refund you the price of the exam solutions.

Level I

Mathematics IA: Corrections

Mathematics IB: Corrections

Mathematics for Information Technology: Corrections

Level II

Algebra II: Corrections

Differential Equations II: Corrections

Engineering Mathematics IIA: Corrections

Engineering Mathematics IIB: Corrections

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