AUMS Pub Crawls

The AUMS pub crawl is an annual event that allows what is a tight knit maths community to blow off a little steam. It's also a great opportunity to get know other people who are studying or involved with maths at the University of Adelaide. The pub crawl is a chance to wear a colourful and mildly maths-related t-shirt, and actually be in the majority in a bar. Unlike many of the other pub crawls the University clubs offer, the AUMS pub crawl has a reasonable cohort of non-drinkers, so feel free to come along either way! If you do however feel like a drink, each stop on the crawl has drink specials and there's always a stop along the way to eat something to soak up the booze.

There's a great mix of undergrad students, honours and post grads and PhD students, and usually a lecturer or two. It's a little known fact that most mathematicians are closet alcoholics, so if you're new at the University come and get to know people you'll be seeing for the next few years, and if you're not new, come get that drink you've been meaning to have anyway.

2016: Gauss-Jordan Intoxication Show/Hide

2015: Choose Your Poisson Show/Hide

2014: The Travelling Alesman Show/Hide

2013: Integration by Pints Show/Hide

2012: Fibeernacci Sequence Show/Hide

2011: Sine Wars Show/Hide

2010 Semester 2: Mathematrix Show/Hide

2010 Semester 1: Mathsformers Show/Hide

2009: Mathopoly Show/Hide

2008: Asymptote Show/Hide

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