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You may submit a whole article, or just an idea for an article if you would not like to write it yourself (or if you want to check if an idea is viable before writing an article). Submissions can be published anonymously if requested. We have several post types, and each have guidelines as follows:

Web Articles

  • Articles should be around 500 words in length (if you would like a longer, feature article, contact the editor at;
  • Include at least 1 picture;
  • Most of the maths involved should be able to be explained to someone who has completed first year mathematics.

Paper Issue Articles

  • Front page article: 200-300 words, one small picture
  • Back page article: 300-500 words, at least one picture
  • Historical profile: 100-150 words about an influential figure in mathematics, with a portrait
  • Puzzle: Either an image with short text explanation or text no more than 100 words

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