Isabelle Greco

Isabelle is a second year student who is ridiculously enthusiastic about pretty much everything but especially about maths and French (please don’t try to work out the logic there, she knows it’s irrational, pun intended). When she isn’t doing some crazy french maths, to the delight* of all those around her, she spends her time making puns, trying to persuade people she made good puns, and baking.

* ‘delight’ may be exhibited regarding only one** of the three.
** obviously it’s the puns


Vice President

Anthony Gallo

Anthony is in his second year of his Masters in Applied Mathematics. 2019 marks his fifth year at University and second year as AUMS vice president. Other than differential equations, he is passionate about anything Nintendo, classic rock music and pro wrestling.



Madison Simmonds

Madison is a third year student studying mechanical engineering and science, majoring in physics. She’s passionate about space, as evidenced by the sheer number of space race anecdotes she can regale you with, and the fact she constantly says “fling me into the sun” whenever mildly inconvenienced by something.


Tobin South

Tobin is studying his Masters in Applied Mathematics and Data Science. He does research looking at fake news and memes, sometimes called information theory. You’ll usually find Tobin at Aroma in Ingkarni Wardli feeding his coffee addiction or procrastinating his work by talking to people. Tobin also enjoys long distance running and looking at math themed memes, or very occasionally, both at the same time. If you want to find out how, ask him, he’s always down for a chat.

Events Manager

Josh Price

Joshua is currently studying for the Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. His hobbies include music, games and movies but he spends most of his time at uni thinking of excuses for why he’s not doing any work.

Communications Officer

Max Wurm

Max is a second year masters student writing a thesis on a model for coral bleaching. If you’re lucky (or unlucky), you might find some of his creative writing in On Dit.

ColAUMS Space Editor

Alex Schutz

Alex is studying mechatronic engineering and pure maths, which are obviously very related. She likes to play soccer and video games, and can usually be found working on some sort of project in the shed.


General Committee

Joshua Bean
Liam Blake
John Davey
Siobhan Doran
Lilian Fu
Yuchen Jiang
Jake Pajer
Miriam Slattery
Bridget Smart
Naomi Smith
Michael Ucci