This page is designed to include some of the history associated to this great society. If you were previously involved in AUMS or AUMaSS, and have some information, we'd love you to Contact Us.

In 2008, the club name was changed from the Adelaide University Mathematics Students Society (AUMaSS) to the Adelaide University Mathematics Society (AUMS), to reflect the involvement of staff and other members of the community with the club.

In Semester 2 of 2010, we ran our first Meet and Greet. In 2011, we started running Student Talks and we restarted the annual Quiz Night, and in 2012 we ran our first Movie Night.


Talk of a new logo began in 2008, when the club changed its name from "The Adelaide University Mathematics Students Society" (AUMaSS) to "The Adelaide University Mathematics Society" (AUMS). The old logo was voted out and two temporary logos were created, the shield in 2009 and the square root in 2010. In late 2010, discussion began for a permanent logo, from which a banner could also be designed. Kelli Staite sketched the first drafts for the logo over the 2010-11 summer, and the 2011 AUMS committee approved the drafts in February 2011.

The banner and logo were professionally designed during mid 2011. The logo incorporates many symbols and mathematical objects. While pi is a representative of the ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference, it is also used as a symbol to represent probabilities, projection maps and other mathematical constructions. The pi-hat resembles the A of the AUMS. Various mathematical symbols you may use every day are found in the U. Included are simple addition, multiplication, subtraction and division signs, along with trigonomic and Greek letters commonly used. The M is filled with topics in mathematics. Some you may have studied, others you may never heard of. Which ones do you know? Finally, the S is a rope tied with a half-hitch knot, the knot commonly used to tie shoe laces. This knot is the basis of a large variety of knots with various applications in areas such as sailing and fishing. Knots have been studied mathematically since Gauss defined a linking integral in the 19th century. They are an important branch of topology, and have applications to fluid dynamics. If the ends of the S were joined, this knot would be called a trefoil knot, the simplest non-trivial mathematical knot. Follow this link to learn more.


The background is a crossword of names of famous mathematicians, which have made significant advances in their field. In true mathematical spirit, it is written on a torus, meaning the texts wraps around from top to bottom, and the same for the two sides. If the edges are joined in this way, a donut shape is formed, called a torus in mathematical contexts.

List of Past Presidents

2019: Isabelle Greco
2018: Tobin South
2017: Jayden Inglis
2016: Diclehan Erdal
2015: Sarah Belet
2014: Sarah Belet
2013: Michael Lydeamore and Kelli Staite
2012: Kale Davies
2011: Michael Albanese
2010: Michael Albanese
2009: Konrad Pilch
2008: Konrad Pilch
2007: Ross Atkins
2006: Samuel Cohen
2005: Samuel Cohen
2004: ?
2003: ?
2002: ?
2001: Katherine Box
2000: James Parrott
1999: David McInerney
1998: Andrew Parrott/David McInerney
1997: Andrew Neuman

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